REAL Help Reentry Symposium - RUN OF SHOW
April 19, 2022
8:30a - 4:00pm

8:30a - 8:35a

Opening Convocation & Invocation

8:35a - 9:05a

Opening Plenary: Alfreda Tillman Bester, MBA, JD

9:05a to 9:15a


9:15a - 10:30a

  • Panel 1: Examining approaches to increasing housing capacity for the reentry population

  • Session 1: Justice & Accountability Center - Intersection of driver’s licenses, child support suspensions, and traffic ticket

10:30a - 10:35a


10:35a - 11:50a

  • Session 2: Justice and Accountability Center - All About TWIC

  • Panel 2: The negative impact of unsuccessful reentry efforts in our communities

11:50a - 12:35p

Nonprofit Board Showcase and Lunch

12:35p - 12:40p


12:40p - 1:55p

Panel 3: Exploring foundational aspects of reentry across all systems

1:55p - 2:00p


2:00p - 3:15p

Panel 4: Developing Equitable pathways toward high wage employment and entrepreneurship

3:15p - 3:45p

Closing Plenary: Reverend Alexis Anderson

3:45p - 4:00p

Closing Remarks